1. How I become a registered ODS teacher?

By joining the ODS communities portal. Try this:


2. How I register my school?

Step 1: Register to http://portal.opendiscoveryspace.eu/ and create the community of your school

Step 2: create your school action plan and become an ODS school, connected to schools all over Europe.

Try this for more info:


and contact the National Coordinator of your country

National Coordinators-v2

3. Where I could find the ODS authoring tools?

By joining any ODS Community the authoring tools become available whenever you are logged in the community. Be aware that in any ODS Community you could create your Learning Scenario.

4. How could I use the authoring tools?

It is simple to use them and mainly it is fun! Please check the file below.

ODS Portal_Share_Resources_in_Community

 5. I have already created a Learning Scenario (in the past). Is it eligible for the Contest?

All Learning Scenarios are eligible for ODS Contest, as long as they are created by ODS authoring tools. Eligibility involves additional criteria. Please reflect on the rules of the ODS Contest.

6. In which language the Learning Scenario has to be? 

The Learning Scenario is eligible in any official European language. Nevertheless, the teachers should bear in mind that the assessment process is voting from co-contestants teachers. It is to their benefit to create the Learning Scenario in such a way that it could be understood by their co-contetstants teachers.

 7. I am a teacher in a National Coordinator team. Am I eligible for the ODS Contest; or there is a conflict of interest?

There exists no conflict of interest. The assessment process is transparent voting among the teachers who have submitted a Learning Scenario. Teachers from National Coordinators teams compete on equal terms.

 8. I have submitted the Learning Scenario, before the deadline. Could I update it? 

You could update your Learning Scenario, as many times as you wish, until the deadline. After the deadline, there will be no access to your account for updating.