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Kragujevac, Serbia

Utvrđivanje stečenog znanja o romantizmu. Svrstavanje predstavnika epohe. Karakteristike i odlike romantičarske poezije. Određivanje teme, motiva i poruka u delu P.P. Njegoša, Branka Radičevića, Đure Jakšića, J.J. Zmaja i Laze Kostića. Utvrđivanje stečenih znanja o Vuku Karađžiću kao piscu, istoričaru, biografu, sakupljaču narodnih umotvorina i reformatoru srpskog jezika i pravopisu. Podsticanje učenika da postanu svesni vrednosti naše književne baštine. Ukazivanje na značaj ljubavi, patriotizma i poštovanja tradicije u životu. Razvijanje osećanja plemenitosti i dobrote. Pobuđivanja mašte. Razvijanje moći zapažanja ključnih elemenata, stvaralačkih postupaka i poruka dela.


Kikinda, Serbia

Students check their knowledge of angles through independent work and the application of computers: the concept, components, labeling, types of angles, comparison and application in everyday life.

The Introduction to the Latin Language.

Toruń, Poland

An Introduction to the Latin language on-line lesson or in real time. How to read words, what is an accent in Latin words, description of a grammar, start to work with a dictionary.

Hunting neutrinos

Patras, Greece

A new era in Astronomy and Cosmology raises. Neutrinos are gathering information from the cores of the stars, while travelling through the universe from the very beginning of the cosmos. Reaching Earth a shower of particles spreads all over the planet and scientists are hunting the “unsocial” neutrinos. Catching just one neutrino, important knowledge can be gained from the depths of stars and the initiatives of the universe. Ice cube in Antarctica is hunting neutrinos in the total “silence” of North Pole. Cherenkov radiation by neutrinos moving faster than the light in a medium can reveal secrets of our past. How this happens? How neutrinos are detected? Students are studying the physics of neutrinos, solving geometrical problems concerning Cherenkov’s cone and having a Hangout with researchers at the Ice Cube.

Everything I know I will give to you

Pančevo, Serbia

Students have the task to create a game. The game is designed for students in lower grades of primary schools and pupils with learning difficulties. The basic idea is to simulate a real life situation and to complete the product by the given specification. This way, students are placed in a situation to learn how to respond to the needs and market demands. Method will check their functioning in a team, because tasks are designed to require horizontal and vertical networking, team collaboration, timely execution to the functioning of the whole team and the realization of the task.

Diode in the direct current circuit

Vršac, Serbia

We wanted to present a lesson, which is the part of the curriculum, in a new and unusual way, taking into consideration intellectual and psychomotor abilities of the students. For the preparation of the lesson we used the modern ICT.

Playing up to entrepreneurs

Vršac, Serbia

Connecting computer graphics, and multimedia and electrical engineering basics through drafting interactive games. Establishment of student companies. Making games for merger, the presentation at the public events, testing market and familiarization with entrepreneurship.

Application of Mathematica in mathematics

Knjazevac, Serbia

The paper covered the area that are used in mathematics, and that in a visual way of showing the teaching of mathematics curriculum in high school. The material is divided on key areas and each area in its own separate module software package Mathematica


Kragujevac, Serbia

Upoznavanje učenika sa karakteristikama osoba sa kojima je otežana komunikacija.

Funkcija dobiti

Kragujevac, Serbia

– Kako se izračunava dobit.
– Šta je interval rentabilnosti.
– Kako se izračunava interval rentabilnosti.
– Kako se određuje maksimalna dobit.