ODS Contest in four steps

Step 1:

Register in the ODS Community “ODS Contest: “Let’s move teaching process to the limelight!”  by accessing the  following link:


and create your LEARNING SCENARIO by using the ODS authoring tool provided in the forementioned location.

Generate the document for your Learning Scenario and save it for submission in Step 2

Step 2:

Register in www.ods-contests.eu/register (registration will be feasible only if you are a registered teacher in ODS and the school you are teaching is a registered ODS school)

Step 3:

Upload your Learning Scenario in www.ods-contests.eu/upload by providing a. the url that your scenario is placed and b. the generated document from the usage of the authoring tool

Step 4:

Vote for the best Learning Scenarios, in www.ods-contests.eu/vote.  (the voting system will be open after the finalisation of the submission period)