Rules of participation

  1. Teachers from all over Europe are eligible for participation in the ODS Contest under three conditions:
    1. the teacher has to be a registered ODS teacher
    2. the school that he/she is teaching, has to be a registered ODS school
    3. the Learning Scenario has to be created through the usage of the ODS authoring tools
      If any or more of the above mentioned conditions are not fulfilled, the entry will not be validated, even if the submission of the Learning Scenario is completed.
  2. The ODS Contest will be organised in one stage.
  3. The selection of the thematic of the Learning Scenario is dependent to the teacher’s individual choice
  4. Only one Learning Scenario could be submitted per contestant-teacher
  5. The participation to the Contest is organised on a first-come-served basis. The first fifty (50) submitted Learning Scenarios will be eligible for assessment.     After intensive requests from our community, the limit -at the number of submissions accepted for the ODS Contest, is removed!
  6. The three best Learning Scenarios will be rewarded the ODS prize. The best Learning Scenario is defined by the total number of votes received from the contestants-teachers.
  7. The Contestant-teacher is the teacher who submitted a Learning Scenario until the specified deadline and number of Scenarios; and not the registered teachers of the portal.
  8. The assessment process will be performed by the contestants-teachers; each teacher has the right to vote for maximum three of the submitted Learning Scenarios for the first prize. Within these three selected Learning Scenarios cannot be its own Learning Scenario. The Learning Scenario, which will receive the most choices for the first prize, will be the winning one and there will be a declining in number of votes order. All the Learning Scenarios will be publicly available to a digital gallery for the assessment process.
  9. The prize cannot be exchanged in cash or any other equivalent.
  10. All participating teachers who will be eligible for the ODS Contest’s assessment phase, will receive an ODS certificate of participation.
  11. The organisers of the Contest reserve the right to change the rules of the Contest, or partially recall it or cancel it.